Breaking: Crytek Buys Homefront, German Koch Media Gets Saints Row And Metro Franchise

South Park Goes To Ubisoft_ll If I had a budget like EA, I certainly would have bought THQ in its entirety.  Surprisingly, EA wasn’t even interested. Crytek, Koch Media and Ubisoft get the rights for their biggest games

THQ: Bankruptcy Despite Most Solid Game Portfolio

THQ went bankrupt last year and that despite having a VERY solid portfolio of games that could possibly sell tens of millions of units. Metro, Saints Row, South Park and even Homefront are top franchises. Yes, Homefront was flawed but if Crytek’s successor can build upon that there is a lot of potential to ship at least 3-4 million units

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Homefront: Crytek
  • Saints Row and Metro franchise: Koch Media (approx 22,3 million USD for SR and 5.8 million for Metro)
  • South Park and THQ Montreal: Ubisoft
  • Company of Heroes: Sega
  • Evolve: Take Two

Ubisoft only bid $5.4 million for Volition (Saints Row) which is ridiculous if you consider that Saints Row 3 sold what – 5million units? Apparently, Kock Media was a little smarter. They bid $22 million

Koch Media is know for publishing games such as Risen, Sacred, X2, X3, Lost Horizon and many other well-known titles.


Source: Kotaku

Published: Thursday, January 24th, 2013 Last Modified: January 24, 2013

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