Box Joins Up With Office 365

Office 365 is clearly a huge hit for Microsoft, and for enterprise users who use cloud storage solutions other than OneDrive, that has been an issue. On Wednesday, Box announced during its big conference that Box for Office 365 is going into live beta for desktop immediately.

By launching the new Box for Office 365, Box is now tightly integrating its products with the Office 365 product more than ever. It also means that Microsoft’s Office 365 will get even more customers who use Box as their storage platform, making both companies gain in the long run.

Microsoft's Office 365 Gets Box Integration With New Tools

What Is Box For Office 365?

The Box for Office 365 product is a very tightly integrated product with the Office 365 product from Microsoft. Is allows the essential Box functionalities into the Backstage view of many popular Office applications. This means that users can access files, save files, and share Box files easier than ever.

This product allows users to open files from Box with easy access to previously used files. Additionally, users can save files to Box, even with documents that the users has on their desktop. Lastly, users can generate Box shared links and control those permissions, to tightly control that sharing in a business environment.

Microsoft's Office 365 Gets Easy Saving Files To Box With New Tools

How To Use It

With the Box for Office product, Microsoft and Box has made it easy. It does require Windows 7 or higher, Office 2010 or higher, .Net 4.x or higher, Visual Studio Tools for Office, and lastly administrative rights. Most of these are done by the IT departments in organizations, and the setup package is available to download starting today.

A user has to download the package, run the setup program, open up Microsoft Office and head to the Open menu in the Backstage. Box can be chosen as the source to open files from, and then the user signs in with their Box credentials. From there, users are able to then open, save, share, and do whatever they need with their Box documents with Office 365. This is a big deal for Box users and Office 365, and is available to try out now.

If you use Box and Office 365, it is a good day. These tools will make it easier to share and get to docs and is free.

Published: Thursday, September 4th, 2014 Last Modified: September 4, 2014

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