Box and Office Team Up For Easier Doc Cloud Editing

Box is one of the largest cloud companies on the Internet today, and they have a large number of enterprise users who use Microsoft’s Office products. On Tuesday, Box and Microsoft together announced a new integration platform, making Office easier to use and edit on Box.

Box houses over a billion WOrd, Excel, and PowerPoint files currently on its cloud servers, and knows that business users use Office every day. They on Tuesday launched the Box for Office Online product, and will make managing and using Office on Box much easier than ever before.

Microsoft and Box Team Up For Office Online Product

What Is Box For Office Online?

The new Box for Office Online makes it easier for Box users to access and use their Box files with Office. Now, it gives users a simple ‘open with’ button, and edited files are automatically saved back to Box. This will make it easier to save to Box, and won’t take extra steps.

Additionally, full editing capabilities have been rolled into this new product. This means that users can create documents, spreadsheet, and presentations in the cloud. Box is also rolling out an easier share feature that will let users share Office documents and products on Box easier.

Box Integrates Office Online In Its Cloud Services

Part Of Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud Storage Partner Program

This launch with Box is one of many partner programs that Microsoft has with cloud storage partners. This will make it easier for cloud service companies to integrate Office Online into their applications, and give them ways to offer it to both their individual and business clients.

Box is easily one of the biggest ones, and now they can roll this out into their iPad, iPhone, Android, and other products as well. Box has a strong enterprise footprint, and now Office can be included in that product. Box and Microsoft have similar goals and now its a little more clear.

Box and Microsoft make strong partners. If you use Box, now you can use Office easier.

Published: Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 Last Modified: June 17, 2015

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