Bounty Program Launched in Redmond to Fight Windows Bugs

This week, Microsoft upped the ante on its Microsoft Security Bounty Programs, and is giving developers and hackers new ways to make big money looking for bugs. With this move, Microsoft is going up against Google and Facebook in going to the hacker and developer community to find its bugs.

With the announcement on the Microsoft Security Responsse Center blog, Microsoft laid out huge bounties for developers that are geared towards the Windows 8.1 Preview release later this month. Hackers and developers will hopefully line up to collect the big dollar rewards offered by Microsoft in this bounty bug program


$100,000 Paid For Bugs For Windows 8.1

Microsoft is paying up to $100,000 for truly novel bugs that can be found with its Windows 8.1 release. The bugs that Microsoft is putting the large dollar bounty on revolve around the exploitation techniques against protections in the system. Microsoft sees this as helps the security of Windows as a whole versus one by one.

$50,000 For Bluehat Bypass Bugs

Secondly, Microsoft will pay up to $50,00 for ideas that accompany a qualifying Mitigation Bypass submission. This layer of bug bounties is all about keeping Windows secure in its defense, and protect the operating system against computer systems around the world.

$11,000 Paid for IE 11 Bugs

Lastly, Microsoft announced that they will pay up to $11,00 for critical vulnerabilities in its Internet Explorer 11 program in its preview release. By paying developers and hackers to discover these bugs in Internet Explorer, Microsoft is keeping the browser more secure and consumers safer.

It is clear that Microsoft is taking its Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 programs very seriously. Other companies pay users who discover bugs in its programs, and this marks a huge step forward for the Redmond company. Whereas it may take an entire team weeks and tie up large amounts of internal resources to find a single bug, a single user can point it out and submit that same bug for a large cash reward. Being a hacker and/or developer has never been so fruitful, and this bug bounty program by Microsoft is giving users reason for help find bugs in its programs.

Published: Friday, June 21st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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