Borrow Audiobooks At Library With Libby On Windows 10

Reading books is a long pasttime that people around the world do for enjoyment, education, and for their work. Audiobooks bring that same book to the audio format and in amazing ways. Now, Libby on Windows 10 brings the library to you with audiobooks.

Libby is a new Windows 10 app made by Overdrive, who powers the library lending sytems of most of America. The new app is all about bringing ebooks and audiobooks to users, and uses tech to do so.

Read & Listen To Books With Libby

Libby Features

With Libby, users can sign into multiple libraries, and use one or more library cards to do so. You can then download the books and audiobooks for offline reading and listening, and delete them when done.

Readers can sample a book with a single tap, and don’t have to download or delete anything once done. Zoomable graphics and picture books come to life with audio, and a single shelf holds all of your reading pleasures.

Collections Of Books Come to Users With Libby

Sync and Keep Lists

What makes the Libby app unique, is the ability to tag titles they have read, loved, hated, put them on your wishlists, or other reading lists. This keeps them all in check, and able to be read when you want them.

All of the loaned books and audiobooks are then synced across your Windows 10 devices, and those include bookmarks and notes. It is quite an amazing experience, and makes the library worth visiting again.

If you enjoy ebooks and audiobooks, try out Libby. It’s a fun app, and a way to enjoy books in a new way.

Published: Saturday, July 8th, 2017 Last Modified: July 8, 2017

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