Borderlands 2 PC Port Will Not be Identical to the Console Version

Borderlands 2 Pc Version Will Be DifferentDon’t like PC ports? Borderlands 2 will not be one of them, plus there will be many new features that were not in Borderlands 1

Sigh for relief, as Gearbox have reassured fans that Borderlands 2 for PC will not be a straight port of the console versions

Remember how when Rockstar ported GTA IV to PCs it was pretty terrible, and lacking compared to the console version? Well, at least one company is making sure to not make that mistake: Gearbox Software – the makers of the surprise hit Borderlands, and its upcoming sequel Borderlands 2 – has said the PC version of the latter title will not be a straight port of the console version.

In a “love letter” from the robot Claptrap, who debuted in the original Borderlands, to fans, the letter says that the PC version of Borderlands “had some issues.”

Among the features listed in the letter are improved native multiplayer matchmaking and a Field of View slider. The menus, which have been redesigned so screen space can be shared between players playing splitscreen, are also 100% mouse compatible. Players can now scroll and click everywhere, which seems helpful.

There will also be “fully remappable keybindings” for keyboard and mouse. Along with this, the game will include a PC-specific UI that will take advantage of various PC resolutions. Along with this, there are “mouse smoothing options”.

Cloud save support will be in, though whether that will integrate into SkyDrive on Windows 8 remains to be seen. Other features included in the version are push to talk, Logitech keyboard support, LAN support (including offline), control pad support, achievement support, Friends List support – and presumably integration into Xbox Live – along with V-Sync options (which prevent screen tearing).

Leaked footage

Leaked footage also surfaced online of Borderlands 2 – a 14-minute demo showing off a mission from the game. The game showed players in a new snow environment, rescuing a “friend” – that later turned out to be Roland from the first game – from bandits.

The demo also showed off some of the improvements in the game aside from a more varied colour palette. Enemies now have improved AI along with intelligence, meaning you can’t move behind them or gain the high ground as easily.

Borderlands 2 is set for release September 18 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Published: Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 Last Modified: March 21, 2012

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