Borderlands 2 Leaked Screenshots: New Environments And Weapons (+Video)

Borderlands 2 Leaked Presentation Demo Screens

A leaked presentation shows new footage of Borderlands, included new environments and weapons. Check out the 14-minute long gameplay video below.

A leaked presentation, recorded and posted online, shows an in-game mission and plenty of improvements

Borderlands 2 has been confirmed for a release this September, and even though Gearbox have shown off a few trailers already many may have not seen in-game footage of the title. Well, a fan who attended the presentation managed to recover footage of a mission that will be in the final game. Here’s a rundown of what was shown.

The mission shown off is set in a snowy, mountainous area. The mission being shown is to rescue a “friend,” later confirmed to be Roland from Borderlands 1, from the Bloodshot Bandits, with the demo picking up in their camp. The demo confirms that Psychos will be returning from the first game and are now a lot smarter with improved animations. Whereas in Borderlands 1 you could take the high ground or move around corners to confuse enemies, this time they will track players down.

There are also new types of bandits – the demo shows one called the Marauder – who get behind cover, throw grenades and support one another.

New weapons

New weapons were shown off, including a gun that explodes when players run out of ammo and can be thrown at enemies. The more ammo left in the gun when it is thrown at enemies equals more damage, and the same gun respawns for players automatically.

The game was confirmed to be about five years after the events of the original Borderlands in the presentation.

New bosses

A new boss was revealed, called the Nomad, who carries a big shield but is vulnerable from behind. There is, however, a twist: the Nomad is carrying a midget as a meat shield, who players have to remove first. Removing the chain from the shield will release the Midget, who will turn on his captor.

The menu has also changed, with it all being in-game so you can move around while using it. Since the Borderlands series puts a big emphasis on cooperative play, the menu has been narrowed to fill half the screen if playing splitscreen.

The vistas in the distant are all playable space, and featuring environments a lot more diverse in colour rather than the tan/brown aesthetic in Borderlands 1.

Published: Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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