Book Your Next Restaurant Meal With OpenTable On Windows 10

If you’ve gone out on the town for a nice dinner, you know the complications that arise when you just show up and hope there’s a table waiting. OpenTable has perfected the reservation process, and has a Windows 10 app to make it simple.

OpenTable certainly isn’t a newcomer on the market, and has been dominating the mobile restaurant reservation for sometime. Its Windows 10 app though, takes the experience further, and lets you book your next dinner from anywhere.

Reserve Your Next Table With OpenTable On Windows 10

OpenTable Basics

With OpenTable, you can book your next table as restaurants from thousands of restaurants from all over the world. Currently, they support the US, Canada and Mexico, and are planning for future expansion in due time.

Beyond just the actual reservation, you can earn dining points for meals at any OpenTable restaurant, and that helps everyone win. You choose a date, time, and party size, and the app lets you see available times. You click the table, and you get the reservation, it’s that easy.

Spot New Restaurnants With OpenTable On Windows 10

PC Driven App

The OpenTable app was originally made for Windows 8.1, but has been updated for the Windows 10 ecosystem. It showcases the restaurant menus within the app, and viewable there. You also get resizeable windows, and easy searching too.

One nice feature about the OpenTable app on Windows 10 though, are the live tile sizes. This can be imporatnt if you use the app a lot, and need to find specific cuisines, prices, or neighborhoods for your next business meeting.

If you haven’t tried OpenTable, you should. It costs nothing, and makes reserving your next table, a click or tap away.

Published: Thursday, February 16th, 2017 Last Modified: February 16, 2017

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