Blizzard Says Mists of Pandaria Demonstrates Commitment To Series But Long-Term Planning Begins

Mists Of Pandaria Login Screen Cool 150Px With Mists of Pandaria finally out – are you returning to WoW or is Guild Wars 2 your new MMO home?

The company’s co-founder said in a recent interview that the expansion demonstrates the company’s commitment to the title and it is developing for the long-term after its release.

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Mists Of Pandaria Login Screen Cool

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Blizzard co-founder and President Mike Marhaime said he isn’t surprise to see subscriber number peaks around the launch of an expansion and decrease as the expansion’s content is completed. Marhaime referenced Diablo 3 as strong competition for Warcraft, though not MMOGs like Guild Wars 2. Marhaime admitted players to take, in his words, vacations from the game. At this point World of Warcraft has a loyal fanbase that will return to the game. Some won’t leave.

Earlier this year Blizzard’s popular MMOG saw subscriber numbers fall from 12 to nine million. The reason for the drop may have been due to the peaks and troughs Marhaime described. However, the previous expansion Cataclysm saw players leave. Mists of Pandaria seems to be bringing excitement.

Questions continue to be asked over Blizzard’s next MMOG, Titan. The co-founder added on the project that experienced World of Warcraft developers are working on the title. However, Blizzard remains committed to World of Warcraft and Titan. When we’ll see the latter remains unconfirmed.

Cogs Continue Turning

Marhaime said Blizzard is in the process of putting together its long-term plan for World of Warcraft and what happens after Mists of Pandaria. However what exactly will happen isn’t determined, though Blizzard is introducing Scenarios to provide regular content for the game. Perhaps it will be a way for Blizzard to introduce content as focus shifts towards Titan pre- and post-launch.

Players have reportedly already reached level 90, the raise level cap from level 80. At this point it’s no surprise: a player completed Diablo 3 in record time, and a player use guild resources to get to level 80 in Guild Wars 2 quickly. The latter was expedited by the fact leveling is less of a grind. Most players will probably player the game at a normal place; users speeding through new content is nothing new.

Mists of Pandaria release September 25 on PC. The World of Warcraft game is required.

Published: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 Last Modified: September 26, 2012

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