Blizzard Issue Apology After Diablo 3 Downtime Prompts Anger Among Fans

Diablo 3 Server Problems

The Diablo 3 servers are, it seems, finally up to use.

If you bought Diablo 3, you probably didn’t get to play it from launch. Now, those issues seem to be resolved

If I bought a game for $60 and it didn’t work from day one, I wouldn’t be happy. And that’s what’s happened with Diablo 3: servers didn’t work, players soon saw 3003 errors which didn’t allow them to log in, forcing Blizzard to issue an apology.

The post was made on the official Blizzard forums by a Community Manager – who was unnamed – on behalf of Blizzard. It said the company failed to anticipate the demand, despite knowing it would arrive (that’s what 10 years in the making does for you).

Blizzard added that servers are being monitored 24/7 and multiple optimisations have been applied. Around 11:50PM PDT on May 15, Blizzard said all systems have been online, running quite smoothly. Maintenance will continue to be performance to improve performance across regions, which will probably be needed as players begin to move to PvP modes.

Fixes being fixed

The servers continued to go down even after Blizzard’s initial fix, affecting gamers along with the press: reviews copies are received in conjunction with the public’s copies, so verdicts on the game have likely been delayed. I’m sure we can guess the average score, though.

Diablo 3 is an action role-playing game, and includes hack ‘n’ slash and dungeon crawler elements. It’s built around collecting loot, and lots of clicking, while played from a viewpoint similar – but not identical – to an isometric viewpoint. The game is also known for being in-depth, though I doubt casual gamers are rushing to buy it anyway.

Regarding one specific server issue – achievements not being issued or saved between multiple logins – Blizzard said it is investigating the issue. Hopefully players won’t have to re-earn achievements, or re-complete acts. The launch of the Auction House has also been put back from May 22, though Blizzard assured fans it’s still coming.

Players can visit the Support Web site or the Support forum if problems are experienced in Diablo 3. I haven’t picked up Diablo 3 … yet. I may do to write what I like/dislike about it, though.

Published: Friday, May 18th, 2012 Last Modified: May 18, 2012

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