Blizzard Aware Of Diablo 3 Wizard Bug, Rolling Out Hotfix, But What About The Damage?

Diablo 3 Invincible Cheat

A recent bug surfaced online, despite being around a month old, showing the ability for Wizards in Diablo 3 to turn invincible through two skill activations. After a heated thread on the Diablo 3 forum discussing the issue, the company has said it is rolling out hotfixes.

Worried you’re not going to be able to complete Nightmare Mode in Diablo 3 when you’re not invincible? Well, complete it quick because Blizzard is rolling out a hotfix

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Diablo
One does not simply log into Diablo — many bugs kept players out of the game and then some bugs allowed players to literally become invincible!

The original issue was players using Wizards being able to go invincible, and attack enemies, seemingly forever. Do damage was taken, despite being able to be given out, and it went viral after surfacing over the weekend, and multiple threads appeared on the Diablo 3 official forums. Blizzard QA reps posted saying the issue is known, and a fix is now confirmed to be coming.

A Blizzard employee called Xordiah said the hotfix is being rolled out for the recent bug – though it’s been exploited for over a month – and the issue will continue to be monitored. Xordiah again encouraged players to send e-mails of hacks/exploits to [email protected], or completing the Hacks Report web form. Include steps to replicate the issue and additional details, if necessary, rather than creating a thread. Why is there a feeling fans will still continue to create threads?

Too Little, Too Late?

That’s good news for players concerned about balance in Diablo 3, but the exploit may have already been used to farm for high-end items easily and earn money via the Real Money Auction House. In theory, higher end items are going to be rare and therefore are valued highly. If people are using the exploit to get these items easily, then lots of in-game – or real – money can be earned. Even if Blizzard does take a 15% cut.

It’s the latest issue to plague Diablo 3: reports earlier in 2012 claimed Korean servers were seeing downtime because Chinese players obtained illegal copies of the title, even causing in-game Koran players to throw abuse at the Chinese, while Blizzard’s Seoul office came under investigation from the International Trade Commission as the company originally didn’t offer Korean players refunds. Blizzard has since offered refunds, but imposed level caps.


Published: Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 Last Modified: July 24, 2012

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