Blink Relaunches For Windows Phone 8

With over 1 million downloads already, Microsoft’s Blink app is clearly a favorite among Windows Phone users. On Thursday, the company released a brand new version of the app, which brings a ton of new features to the app, and gives users a fun way to share with friends across social media.

The Blink app allows users to capture a burst of images on their phones, and then capture more pictures after the shot. Users can then share these photos across Facebook, Twitter, OneDrive, and the Blink Social network named This updates brings Blink more future fans for sure.

Microsoft Updates Blink For Windows Phone To Version 2.4

Version 2.4 Updates

In the version 2.4 update, Blink now has a fresh new look with new UI elements for users across the app. Users will also have dual modes available to them, and can switch between the blink mode and still mode. A focus lock will also users the ability to focus on a region, and then keep that region in focus across phone movements.

Additionally, the update includes live tiles, improved stabilization, a my blinks area for gallery views, an interactive tutorial to help users using Blink, and lastly a orientation lock bug fix that fixes bugs. These help users orient Blinks on sharing under lock. All of these improvements will give Blink another million fans ahead.

Microsoft Enhances And Gives Users Of Blink Tons Of New Features

Another Gem From Microsoft Research

Blink is an app that has come from Microsoft Research, which is the labs portion of Microsoft. This app has over one million downloads, and shows the power of Microsoft Research’s ability to create and develop successful apps. By integrating camera functions and social interactions, Microsoft Research has a true hit.

Microsoft Research is continually coming up with apps and programs that mobile, tablet, and phone users can use, and Blink is the latest one. With over 2,000 reviews already ranging an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, it clearly is a winner. It may just be a camera sharing app, but it gives users of Windows Phones something that other Android and iOS phone users don’t have. It’s native to Windows Phone and can make them very jealous.

I’ve tried Blink and enjoy it somewhat. It’s a huge hit, and maybe I just need to take better pictures.

Published: Friday, March 21st, 2014 Last Modified: March 21, 2014

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