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Great news for fans of MMO’s, space games, Star Trek, BSG, Freelancer – Black Prophecy is going into open beta in the EU. Black Prophecy is the first Sci-Fi MMO with some real fast-paced action. Download the client after the break and register for the open beta.

Download Black Prophecy Client

There are two ways how you can download Black Prophecy client.

First, there’s the Pando downloader which allows you to download the client via a download tool. Secondly, you can download the client directly.

Black Prophecy Client: Pando Downloader

Black Prophecy Client Download Tool Pando

Download Game Client via Pando

Pando is basically a desktop installer for Black Prophecy. Often, desktop installer can have download errors or connection issues, so if Pando does not allow you to download the game client or is very slow I recommend to download the client directly below.

Black Prophecy Client: Direct Downloads

Here are the direct download links for the Black Prophecy Open Beta Client:

Where do I register for the open beta of Black Prophecy?

You can register for the open beta at

When will the Black Prophecy open beta start in NA (North America)?

According to gamigo, there is going to be a closed beta test for Black Prophecy first and then later on there will be an oepn beta.

Black Prophecy Gameplay

If you want to see what the game actually looks like, check out this PvP gameplay video:

You can download our Black Prophecy dual-screen wallpapers below:

Published: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 Last Modified: March 2, 2011

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