Black Prophecy NA Closed Beta Started

If you like games like Freelancer or Eve Online, you should add Black Prophecy, a free-to-play MMO to your watchlist, download our dual-monitor Black Prophecy theme and read our review.

Black Prophecy NA Beta

Black Prophecy is a game that is under beta, its rumored to have a few issues but should be fixed by the time beta is over. Black Prophecy boasts about some outstanding features such as some eye catching graphics, endless ship customization, and so much more. Black Prophecy is an MMO that is fast-paced, real-time and you get to play as a fighter pilot in countless hazardous missions and epic battles. You can jump right into your cockpit and engage enemy threats as either solo missions or join powerful clans to fight side by side with your allies or comrades-in-arms.

Black Prophecy – Free to Play Real Time Space Combat MMO

Black Prophecy takes place in the 26th century, where mankind has expanded to populate across the galaxy. Despite this only a few colonies are controlled by humans, the true rulers happen to be cybernetically enhanced Tyi and biogenetically perfected Genides. Both striving for total control over all of the human species and territories. In order to survive you must uncover the motive of the alien’s destructive behavior and are forced to join one of the two dominant human races.

Black Prophecy – Free to Play Real Time Space Combat MMO

The Tyi-Protectors are a race created after the first species wars and happen to be the second superhuman species aside from the Genides, and contrary to their genetically manipulated arch-enemies are completely devote to their bodies and cybernetics, while Genies are based around better dealing with unusual situations and hostile environments in space and colonial planets, the colonists started long ago to manipulate various test subject and physically and often times psychically.

Black Prophecy – Free to Play Real Time Space Combat MMO

Black Prophecy is fast-paced and is set in a persistent universe, the ships in this game are comprised of many different independent parts or modules. One example of this a space fighter can consist of five basic modules: two wings, two engines, and the cockpit. Different parts can be attached to those basic modules such as placing a shield generator and a missile launcher to the cockpit, while still decking out your ship with many other guns.

Black Prophecy – Free to Play Real Time Space Combat MMO

When playing the game one of the many features is you can decide if you are palying in first person or third person, each will assist you in avoiding obstacles or other debris while you are flying around the galaxy to avoid any damage on your ships, collision can cause more damage than many of your enemy space ships. Some of the quests can get repetitive and they still need to put in a tutorial, the open world gameplay is limited but the game is good to try out for the type, especially if you like to play games like this with a lot of players or with friends. The game is free to play, so again you aren’t losing out any money.

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Published: Thursday, March 31st, 2011 Last Modified: March 31, 2011

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