Black Ops 2 Reveal During NBA-Playoffs: Unofficially Official, Release Date November 13

Black Ops 2 Reveal

Pre-orders for Black Ops begin May 2, according to Target, so a reveal trailer during NBA playoffs is possible

Ahead of the announcement May 1, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been confirmed

It’s official – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is coming this November. While that likely wasn’t a surprise to anyone, the manner of the information may have been: U.S. retail store Target showed a $1 reservation card that revealed the November 13, 2012. date The Verge contacted Target, who confirmed pre-orders are happening May 2 and cards are now in-store.

The reservation cards say the release date is “subject to change,” though November is typically Call of Duty Season. Chances are the release date will be revealed in whatever form the announcement takes next month, which will likely be a short trailer with flashing images where fans analyse the trailer before concluding ‘it’s Call of Duty.’

Leaked poster, gamemodes

Black Ops 2 has been the subject of leaks that point towards the release date. A poster showed a shadowy figure, mimicking the the box art of the first game. Game modes and weapons were also leaked on a Russian forum and, if true, hardly looked like the innovation Call of Duty is desperately craving.

The three modes were Equalizer, Split Spawn and Escort. Equalizer moves players from one team to the other when they die, like Zombies in Halo. Players can spawn a power plant, to swap weapons and equip a Juggernaut suit for the team. When only two players are left, the power plant spawns automatically.

Split Spawn was another reported mode, which seems to alternate players with a chopper which they spawn form. Players cap a flag that takes twice as long to cap as in a game of Domination, though I didn’t get why this mode would bring in players because it seems very shallow. And why not just play Domination?

Escort was basically a variant of VIP in Halo. A player is escorted across three flags, and the aim of the other team is to kill the players. No other details were revealed, though I would be surprised if the VIP-esque player doesn’t receive a buff and isn’t harder to kill. It’d make sense if the VIP was slower but more resilient.

Published: Monday, April 30th, 2012 Last Modified: April 30, 2012

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