Bioshock 3 Infinite Wallpaper + Windows 7 Theme [Exclusive]

Irrational Games have released a new wallpaper for Bioshock 3: Infinite. Download wallpaper and Windows 7 theme after the break.

Bioshock 3 Infinite Wallpaper

Bioshock 3 Infinite will be coming for PS3, Xbox 360, PC! Thanks to a new graphic engine it will look more beautiful than ever and a new AI will make the enemies even smarter. The floating city of the trailer already looks very promising, hopefully we will get some gameplay footage soonish.

Exclusive Bioshock 3 Infinite Wallpaper:

Exclusive Bioshock 3 Sky Wallpaper

Official Bioshock 3 Wallpaper

Bioshock 3 Infinite Wallpaper HD

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Published: Monday, August 16th, 2010 Last Modified: May 26, 2013

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