Biometric Passwords For Windows 10 Plus Cloud For Office

Tuesday marked another big newsday for Microsoft, as the company took the previous day off for Presidents Day, and loaded up the news cycle with a number of items. Most important, were the announcements of biometric password support for Windows 10, and new cloud storage options for Office.

While neither of these two items are items that are going to drive customers to the shelves of their local Microsoft Store, they are highly important. Maintaining security with Windows 10 is a premiere item on Microsoft’s to-do list, and giving users more cloud storage options is a plus.

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 To Offer Biometric Password Support

Biometric Password Support With Windows 10

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be shipped with the next version of the Fast Identification Online spec. This spec will allow a number of third-party developers to build security features and devices for Windows 10. It can be a simple fingerprint reader, a eyecan reader, or maybe more.

The FIDO spec has been around for sometime, and other companies have embraced it for a number of years. This 1.0 spec is used by Google, Bank of America, and others. Microsoft though, is embracing the 2.0 spec, and this means that security is a top priority for Microsoft, and that keeps everyone safe.

Microsoft Updates Office With Better Cloud Storage Options & Support

Office Gains Cloud Partners

Microsoft offered Office in the past few months with Dropbox integration, but giving it more cloud services has been a request from users. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced two new features for additional cloud services with Office. First, is a file picker integration with Office Online, and second a Office Online integration for viewing and editing.

Now, third-party storage providers can integrate themselves into the locations picker on the iOS Office apps. his allows any cloud company to be used, and this means that more companies can get the Office users attention. Additionally, cloud services can integrate easier with Office Online, and those include Box, Citrix, and Salesforce.

Tuesday was a big day for security and Office. Security is important, and cloud integration is key for the future of Office, as Microsoft shows.

Published: Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 Last Modified: February 18, 2015

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