Bing Updates Help In Offfice & Pictures In Chrome

Bing as we have known is constantly updating the way it works, and giving features to users that they really are enjoying on a daily basis. Friday was anothing Bing day, as updates to the Office integration along with updates to Chrome, are making it more useful than its competitors.

Office is one of those products that has a ton of features, and the average user only gets a small portion of them. With Bing’s new tight integration into it, Office help and search results are going to give users a lot more usefulness of Office and hopefully with Bing.

Microsoft Gives Office Users Better Bing Help

Bing With Office Help

The new updates to Bing will now allow Office 2007, 2010, 2013, and Office Online get better help with Office. These new productivity tips will appear on the right hand side and appear in a tell me box. These types of tips will be available for all the Office products, and should be a huge hit.

They are meant to deliver more relevant results, fresher content, faster results, and lastly continuous improvement. This brings newer updates to users, fresher tips, and higher accuracy than ever before with Office. This means an answer within 1 day can be delivered versus one from one year ago.

Microsoft Launches Bing Chrome Extension Tab For Chrome Users

New Bing Images In Chrome

Easily one of the biggest things that Bing users love about it, is the daily new images that appear. These are award winning images in some cases, and are amazing to look at. But, Chrome users have been left out, and Microsoft is finally giving Chrome users some reasons to like them.

Bing has released a Bing New Tab Page Extension tool, and this will open up Bing in a new tab, and with it the images of Bing. It searches the popular now news feed from the bottom, and gives access to the Bing home page. It’s brand new, and a new way to enjoy Bing while in the Chrome browser.

Bing is getting better by the day and doing great. These new updates are live now, and worth trying out.

Published: Sunday, March 8th, 2015 Last Modified: March 8, 2015

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