Bing Updates and Xbox Comes To China

Along with the Office for iPad updates, other Microsoft news came across the wire for Bing and the Xbox One. Bing has made updates for bloggers with a WordPress plugin, Bing has a fun tool for early risers, and the Xbox One announcement for China was made.

All of these updates while on their own don’t make a ton of individual news, but adds to Microsoft’s always continuing news cycle. Bing is getting better and better, and now is making users happy with fun and social tools. Plus Xbox coming to China opens a huge new market for many.

Microsoft Issues Bing WordPress Plugin For Bloggers

Bing Updates

The first update for Bing is the Bing Translator plugin for WordPress. It gives any WordPress site operator the ability to apply the power of the Bing Translator to their site. Users can then translate over 40+ languages and never have to leave the site. This will help those with news sites and those with an international audience.

The second tool on the Bing site is something that has gained a more local appeal. The blog and infographic on the Bing site on Tuesday, tells about which US cities wake up the earliest and who wakes up the latest. Based on Bing data, San Francisco wakes up the earliest and New York City wakes up the latest, and tons of other data is there too.

Microsoft Announces Xbox One Coming To China In September

Xbox One Comes To China

The other big announcement from Microsoft is the joint partnership with BesTV New Media Co, as the Xbox One will become available in China this September. It will be the first system of its kind to launch in China, and China has become a massive gaming market. It has over a half a billion people playing games, and Xbox One will be next.

While no price has been announced for the Xbox One launch, it means that the Xbox One will be available in a large audience that loves games. It will have to be adjusted to fit the local content controls of China of course, but it will be a big day indeed. The next few months for Microsoft in China will surely be interesting and be huge for the Xbox One.

All this news is great for Microsoft. Of course, the Xbox One in China means billions in revenue to Microsoft later this year.

Published: Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 Last Modified: April 30, 2014

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