Bing Updated For Easier Searching Of Food and Drugs

Bing is updating on what is seeming to be an almost daily basis, and as Bing is updated, Microsoft continues to add a number of exciting features for users. On Friday, Microsoft updated Bing’s search results to show users glance-able additions on food and drugs.

The updates to Bing to give users easier ways to search for Food and Drugs is something that Bing has worked with doctors on as well. With over 150 million doctors, lawyers, and professions in the Bing Snapshot, Bing now will include Food and Drugs snapshots, which should please many users.

Microsoft's Bing Updates Drug Snapshots On Friday

Drug Snapshots On Bing

When users on Bing search for a specific drug, whether it is over the counter or prescription, will now find Bing snapshot results of the drug. The snapshot of the drug will give an overall synopsis of the drug, its brand name, drug classes, what is treats, what it may prevent, inventor, usage details and more.

With the Drug snapshot on Bing, Bing is making it easier for people to quickly find out about the drugs they take, drugs they are researching, and much more. Users won’t have to dive into the annuls of medical journals to get this info, and can quickly gain this information from an easy to read snapshot on Bing.

Bing Updates With Food Snapshot Results In Search Results

Food Snapshots On Bing

Along wit the updated Drug snapshot, Bing also updated the food snapshots available for users. Now, when a user searches for a banana for instance, they can get all the information ever needed on it. From what the food is, its name, and most importantly all the nutritional facts on a simple to read snapshot pane.

Users are always looking for food data, and they can now quickly get this information on a quick snapshot on Bing. It won’t take going to five different sites to get the info, and now will be available on the Bing results. It should make being healthy a whole lot easier, and is another way that Bing is making its results easier for people. The updated results are live now on Bing to use today.

These Bing snapshots are great for users. It makes it easy to find what they want, and easy to get results quick.

Published: Monday, May 19th, 2014 Last Modified: May 19, 2014

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