Bing Teams Up With Kahn Academy For Free Learning

The Khan Academy is a free online academy that offers thousands of courses for people looking to learn, and aspire to achieve more in life. On Monday, Bing teamed up with the Khan Academy to highlight their free online courses and to extend Bing’s online learning reach.

Bing already has a huge name in the academic field, and by announcing this expansion with the Khan Academy, it makes it even strong. The special indexing of the Khan Academy classes though will make it easier to find them, see them, and take them with a few clicks of the button.

Microsoft's Bing and Khan Academy Team Up On Education Endeavor

Khan Academy Classes Highlighted

With this new endeavor and partnership, Microsoft is especially highlighting the Khan Academy classes, and particularly the ones with popular subjects. Those being humanities, geometry, trigonometry, and some other topics. One a users searches for one of these topics, is there Bing goes to work.

One that class is chosen, Bing will show a corresponding list of online courses, and Bing will highlight them in the Bing Snapshot pane. From there, all a user has to do is to choose it, follow the simple instructions, and they can be learning right away. These new classes are live on Bing starting today.

Microsoft's Bing Showcases Free And Library Options For Books

Free Books Available Too

In addition to the Khan Academy courses, Bing is also bringing out free books to read, whether they are at the library, available for free download, or just to view. All a reader has to do is choose the book, and then the options for a library visit, or other sources become available.

These new ways will definitely give students during the summer and fall a great way to start learning. Bing and the Khan academy can be huge together, and by giving readers a way to get books easier, it will make education simpler as well. All of these updates from Bing are available now, and students of all ages can start taking advantage of them. It’s worth a trip to look up your favorite subject, take a free course, and relive school a little, or learn more about it.

Bing is great for education. These latest updates showcase why educators love Bing.

Published: Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Last Modified: July 1, 2014

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