Bing Smart Search Gets More Intelligent

We love Bing, and its constant updates from Microsoft show that it cares about its users, and wants to constantly evolve Bing into a smarter search engine. On Wednesday, Microsoft discussed the latest updates from Bing, and shows off its Smart Search updates as well.

The latest updates to the Bing Smart search include the abilities to search more naturally, and a number of other improvements for touch devices. It makes the ability to use Bing simpler, and makes Bing a more useful tool for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Microsoft Updates Bing Smart Search For Windows 8 Devices

Searching More Naturally

With the latest updates to Bing Smart Search, it has now been updated to allow Smart Search to showcase results based on natural language understanding. For example, when a users searches for how to install a printer, Bing Smart Search comes up that function from within the device settings menu in Windows.

Another example of where this Bing Smart Search makes a big improvement is when a users searches for apps for Windows. Smart Search will showcase the Windows Store when a user searches for an app for Windows. Lastly, when a users searches for their screen being too bright, the smart search brings up Changing Screen Brightness.

Microsoft Improves Natural Language Support For Bing Smart Search

Bing Constantly Improves

The lastest updates to the Bing Smart Search showcases how Microsoft has updated Bing to make it a more natural search engine. These updates showcase the natural language understanding skills that gives users more than just the results, but the tools they need to get those results as these examples show in multiple circumstances.

Microsoft has been making Bing a more social and people first search engine, and these updates clearly show these off. Bing is gaining marketshare in the search marketplace, and these updates are getting adults and children to use Bing more often. If it saves a user a few steps in search of a problem, a user will go back to it and use it often. This is what Bing has become, and I am using it more than often than Google and Yahoo.

I really am using Bing more and more. These search updates make Windows a better search tool and a great destination as well.

Published: Thursday, May 1st, 2014 Last Modified: May 1, 2014

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