Bing Search Engines Goes Social for Real After Preview Test, New 3-Column Theme

Bing Three Column Layout

Positive preview reponse means Bing’s social features are live in the U.S.

Bing tackles Google with its three-column design, bringing all social features together in one place

Microsoft’s rival search engine to Google, Bing, has received a pretty major update in the US. The Facebook and Twitter integration, and the three-column design that displays the information, is live after receiving a positive reception during the preview period.

In the official blog post, Microsoft revealed an internal survey that said 75 percent of users spend more time than intended searching for information online. Microsoft says the new design allows information to be accessed more quickly: Twitter users who are considered experts on a certain topic are available for contact, while friends who Like related information to searches are shown.

The company also added that around 90 percent of people ask friends about a decision, even delaying the action so a friend or relative can be asked. Therefore, Microsoft says, the new social features are designed around interacting with friends and bouncing ideas off one another.

The update also allows users to post an update relating to the query in the right-hand column, and friends’ questions and search activity can be followed as it happens. Honestly, search hard enough and you’ll get the information. It’s not that difficult.

Ad Campaigns, Snapshot and no EU Launch (Yet)

There’s also a snapshot information column in the middle, which shows information such as reviews and maps of a location and quick functions such as booking a restaurant table. The service also shows movie trailers, hotel reviews and movie times. Again, Microsoft’s aim is to have everything in one place. That’s something I don’t see Google doing, unless I search for a release date of a game. Using separate services is a pet hate of mine.

Microsoft will also be launching a new marketing campaign, which will no doubt be as big as the Internet Explorer 9 marketing machine. It’s a little surreal to see an advertising campaign for a piece of software. It will be called the Bing summer of Doing, and the company is collaborating with to set up volunteer community events throughout the U.S.

Microsoft didn’t share news on when other regions would be getting the update, so no all-in-one-place search for me.


Published: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: June 2, 2012

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