Bing Search Engine Gets Sleeker, Cleaner Design

Bing Search Engine Searching For Windows 7 Themes

Microsoft’s Bing search engine differentiates itself from Google through the gorgeous pictures that I literally won’t to download as my wallpaper immediately. That aside, the UI’s getting pretty good too

Enter a search in Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, and you’ll notice it looks a bit different. Here’s what’s changed

Bing has changed, for the better, says Microsoft. The search engine which isn’t quite as accurate as Google, but is nice to look at, at least, is getting an update so search results are presented in a cleaner – in my opinion, more minimalistic – design.

Microsoft says search results are presented in a more slick and clean interface, and there’s a new front page featuring a large image. It’s nice rather than having a plain white background, though Google’s doodles are pretty good. If Microsoft wants to gain attention, the mission success.

Microsoft added the new design raises the level of predictability and consistency while making it easier for users to scan the page and find information. A problem about Google is that more information is being shown, most of which I don’t care about unless I have to use it (for example, for work). It also said that the new spacing between lines improves readability and optimized pages for touch.


The new design is also more than aesthetic: there are quicker page loads time, and searches are now more relevant. The latter is particularly important as that’s what users are going to compare Google, or any other search engine, by.

Peter Maxin, head of Bing UK, said the design is to allow users to spend less time online searching. There was also a redesign for U.S. Bing users, with columns on the right allowing users to see what friends like related to a current search and ask Twitter Experts on a particular issue. Whether they’ll actually get in touch is another matter entirely.

The latest StatCounter figures put Bing’s market share at 3.27%, while Google has almost complete control at 91.75%. There’s never going to be a reason to switch from Google for the majority of consumers because Google has the mind share, and why move from something that works? That’s always going to be the issue with consumers who don’t go looking for other solutions out of interest.

Published: Friday, July 13th, 2012 Last Modified: July 13, 2012

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