Bing Search Comes To Office

Bing’s search capabilities have been known for sometime, and Microsoft realizes that when it’s been building out Bing over the past few years. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced a new product called Insights for Office, and this might change the way Office is used for a lot of people.

Insights for Office is a unique and ingenuous product from Microsoft, and has taken sometime to put together. It allows the user to pinpoint a section of a document where they are looking for something, and along the side of the screen, the relevant Insights will appear for the user.

Microsoft Shows Off Bing Insights In Office

What Is Insights For Office

Insights for Office is a brand new product and search technology that is being rolled out within Office. It harnesses the power of Bing search, and allows users to give them snapshots, Wikipedia articles, Bing image searches, and related web content when they need it. From personal, to educational, and to business it can be very useful.

In its lengthy blog post on Wednesday, Microsoft described it in an example with Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. The related Insights bring up information about his presidency and not about the Lincoln car company, when chosen in a document describing him as a president.

Microsoft's Office Insights Show Amazon Rainforest Example

How Bing Helps Office

Microsoft Research has been working on this technology for sometime, and has harnessed millions and millions of text analysis to get ready for this Office integration. The combination of the research will deliver users the most relevant information needed that they require, and get it to them at rapid speeds.

It might take sometime to get users to try it out and use it in their documents, study pages, or other professional pages. But, it means that users don’t have to leave their document to get needed research and get relevant information about their written topic. Bing search plus Office could make an awesome tool together.

This is cool technology at work. Bing is huge, but the combination is just pure tech bliss.

Published: Thursday, December 11th, 2014 Last Modified: December 11, 2014

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