Bing Search And Updates Arrive On Xbox One

Microsoft has made the Xbox One the living room device of the future, and given it a number of recent updates. On Wednesday, the company officially announced the March update rollout and the features of Bing Web Search being available on the console.

While many were anticipating the March update to arrive on the Xbox One, the update of the Bing Web Search came as something of a surprise. It brings the power of Bing to the Xbox One and along with that the Kinect voice controls that make the Xbox One a must have device.

Microsoft Brings Bing Web Search To Xbox One In March Update

Features Of Bing Web Search

With the rollout of the Bing Web Search on the Xbox One, it brings games, music, videos, and the Internet to the Xbox One, using box Bing and Kinect. The biggest part of this update includes the web results of Bing which were previously unavailable to users, and is available with search commands using the Kinect.

All a user has to to do enable the Bing Web Search, is to say “Xbox Bing” and results from the Bing search engine will appear on the screen. The updates made to the Xbox One in tandem with this Bing Web Search update show how Microsoft wants to bring Bing to the living room, and now has done it with this most advanced search tool ever.

Microsoft Delivers Huge Updates To Xbox One With March Update To Users

Xbox One March Update

The Xbox One March update from Microsoft is a vast set of improvements to the Microsoft console. It brings party chat on by default, the ability to chat with friends playing different games, inviting friends to games, seeing a list of recent players, Twitch live streaming support, Dolby Digital Sound, and 50Hz output to the Xbox One.

This is easily the biggest update to the console from Microsoft. The Xbox One has had a small set of issues that have plagued the console since launch, but this address a number of them for users. Early reviews have been very positive, and this makes a huge improvement on the Xbox One from Microsoft. Microsoft knew they had to deliver, and they did it well.

Both Bing and the update makes the Xbox One huge. It cures the woes and brings Bing to the Xbox One with flair.

Published: Thursday, March 6th, 2014 Last Modified: March 6, 2014

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