Bing Rolls Out Updates To Bing News & Bing Rewards

Bing is being used by more people than ever, and as Microsoft’s Bing search engine is updating, it is delivering more services to people than ever before. On Friday, Bing issued a series of updates, that include updates to its news service and its rewards services to consumers and users.

Bing is being used for news topics with an increased number of users, and the updates on Friday means it will be used more. Users who use Bing Rewards as well, asre able to see more rewards to them for using it. Both of these are updates to Bing, and are great updates for the Bing set f services.

Bing Introduces Topics View For Trending News Stories

Bing News Gets Topic View

Users looking for news on Bing will now notice a great new way to view news in topics. Bing rolled out the topics view on Friday, and now trending topics will appear for easier reading. Topics like the Hololens and other topics will be put in the front and center, and be much easier to read than before.

The topic view is the newest feature in Bing News, and gives readers a glance view of the news stories that are breaking, and make sure they get the most attention. These will also be given pictures and video, making sure that they get full views from users. It’s a great way to view current topics and news.

Bing Rewards Gives Chrome And Android Users New Tools

Bing Rewards On Chrome & Android

Bing Rewards has been used by an increasingly number of users, and now users on Chrome and Android will be able to view their rewards quicker. Chrome users will be able to check and redeem Bing Rewards in Chrome via a Chrome Extension, and this means quicker status updates, and faster redemption of Bing Rewards.

The new extension is available for the PC and Mac, and is easy to use. Bing also issued a Bing Rewards App, and this will give mobile users great new ways to view Bing Rewards on the go. They can invite friends for extra credits, use social media services from their phones, and check balances. Either way, it will be a win for Android users.

Bing got a great set of updates for news and rewards. Get them today, and now you can.

Published: Sunday, February 1st, 2015 Last Modified: February 1, 2015

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