Bing Rewards Offers Users 100GB Of Storage

The OneDrive service from Microsoft is quickly becoming a service that is being used by people around the globe. On Wednesday, in association with Bing Rewards, getting 100 GB of OneDrive storage now became easier via a promotion to get users to use Bing Rewards more than ever!

The Bing Rewards program is a rewards from Bing that offers users incentives to use Bing and to use its services. In receipt of credits, users can use Bing to search the web, and gain access to Bing Rewards. Now, 100GB of OneDrive Storage has been added as the latest gift.

Microsoft Gives Users 100GB Of OneDrive Storage For Using Bing Rewards

How To Claim 100GB OneDrive Storage

The OneDrive storage, formerly known as SkyDrive has been rolled out with great fanfare from tech users around the world. Now, the Bing Rewards program has made getting 100GB of OneDrive storage for only 100 credits. Users get credits for inviting friends, searching the web, and can be gained in a relatively short time.

The OneDrive service allows users to sync all their data from all over the web and across devices. Now, with this 100GB promotion, this will give users plenty of online storage for a year, and will be able to store all their photos, videos, documents, and other data for just using the Bing Search Engine.

Microsoft Gives Bing Rewards Users SkyDrive Promo

Why Use Bing Rewards?

Bing Rewards is an incentive program and one way that Microsoft is trying to get users to use Bing over Yahoo and Google. Users get credits for searching on Bing, using its services, and for inviting friends to use it as well. New users get 20 credits just for signing up, so its a easy way to get rewarded for using Bing.

Some might think of Bing Rewards as a cheesy way for Microsoft to get people to use Bing, but it is working. People like getting rewarded for using services like this, and now SkyDrive is the latest promotional offer for users to enjoy. Rather than paying out for the additional storage, now users can search Bing, get rewarded, and use the 100GB of SkyDrive for free.

I use Bing and have used the Bing Rewards. I will be claiming this reward soon thanks to Bing and Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, February 27th, 2014 Last Modified: February 27, 2014

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