Bing Rewards Launches Windows Phone App

For those who use Bing, the Bing Rewards program is something that most users already know about. It allows Bing users to earn money for using the service, plus allows them to give back to school. On Wednesday, Microsoft released the Bing Reward Phone App for Windows Phone users.

The free app, which is available on the Windows Phone store, acts as a dedicated Bing Rewards app, and runs on Windows Phone 8 devices. It has been developed for a long while by the Bing and Microsoft team, and it gives Windows Phone users exciting new tile displays to enjoy.

Microsoft Launches Bing Rewards App For Windows Phone 8 Users

Live Tiles Update

With the Bing Rewards Windows Phone app, the app can be setup as a live tile, and that live tile can monitor credits and the status of their search and earn offer. Windows Phone users can access their dashboard to see all of their offers, manage their accounts, and earn and redeem credits.

Users will also be able to enter sweepstakes with the Windows Phone app, and this will give Bing Rewards users a great way to earn and be mobile at the same time. Microsoft has the Bing Rewards app across Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices, but the Windows Phone device will have specially developed opportunities and credit offers for them.

Microsoft Shows Off Updating Live Tiles With Bing Rewards Windows Phone App

What Is Bing Rewards?

Those who haven’t heard of Bing Rewards before, are missing out on a great program from Bing and Microsoft. It allows users to discovery ways Bing can help you in their search, earn credits for searching the web, and then redeem those credit for games, gift cards, and donations to schools.

The Bing Rewards program is meant to drive users to the Bing platform, and away from Google and Yahoo fore sure. Users just need to sign in with their Microsoft Account, stay signed-in, and search with Bing. The app is free, and available today from the Windows Phone store for Windows Phone 8 users. It’s a free way to earn credits and points, and all you have to do is use Bing.

Bing Rewards is a great program. I use Bing daily, and earn points for doing it.

Published: Thursday, June 26th, 2014 Last Modified: June 26, 2014

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