Bing Rewards Launches For iOS and Android Users

One of the biggest reasons to use Bing for many is the Bing Rewards program, which offers rewards for those who shop on Bing and use the service. On Wednesday, Microsoft’s Bing issued apps for the iOS and Android platforms, with Windows Phone versions coming soon.

By giving iOS and Android users their own Bing Rewards apps, Microsoft can get those users to use Bing more, and to reward them for shopping on their partners. In addition, they are able to once again show how quickly they are adapting to the mobile systems other than Windows Phone.

Microsoft Launches Bing Rewards For iOS and Android

How Bing Rewards Works

For those not familiar with Bing Rewards, it is a service that rewards users for searching on Bing and for shopping. Users are able to then use those built up rewards to cash in on gift cards from partners like Starbucks, Xbox Live, and others. It is a hugely popular program, and now gives more mobile users reasons to use Bing.

These users will now be able to use their mobile phones and tablets to use Bing more often. The Bing Rewards program for the most part has been a PC only program, but Microsoft has built these mobile apps in order to get more mobile traction to Bing, and to steer people away from Yahoo and Google for sure.

Microsoft Gives Mobile Users Rewards For Using Bing

Windows Phone Version Coming Soon

Many saw this release of the Bing Rewards app for iOS and Android as a slap in the face for Windows Phone users. Microsoft made it a point that Windows Phone versions of this app are coming soon, and will be available in the next few months. Windows Phone is a desired platform for the newest launch but other platforms have more users.

This is a bold move by Microsoft to attract mobile users and their mobile searches. It may be rewarding them for doing it, but getting search traffic away from those like Yahoo and Google is very important to Bing. It is a huge effort in 2014 for Microsoft, and this early move may be a sign to come for Microsoft.

I downloaded this app and it is great. Now, I just need to use it enough for Starbucks gift cards.

Published: Friday, January 31st, 2014 Last Modified: January 31, 2014

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