Bing Rewards App Updated With Mobile Features

The Bing Rewards programs is unique in that it rewards users for using Bing. Bing has grown to over a 20 percent marketshare, but the Bing Rewards program has helped it grow. Updates for mobile devices were announced on Tuesday, and this will make sure that users on the go get rewards too.

I’ve used the Bing Rewards program to get points to use on Skype, Xbox Live, and other Microsoft products. Now, with the update to the mobile app, it gives users and myself, updates on points, and a number of cool features on the go. I still use Google, but will use Bing to search and get points.

Microsoft Gives Mobile Users Better Bing Rewards Experience

Bing Rewards Goes Mobile

On the newly redone Bing Rewards app, users can now see their current balance, get Bing experiences for the day, and gain points on their phones. All a user has to do, is tap and they can start earning points. This will help Bing gain mobile marketshare, and get mobile users using Bing over Google.

Next, the app will show suggested rewards for users to enjoy for their points. This is available in the earn credits portion of the app, and they include gift cards, and other rewards. Simple rewards generally keep people going, and this type of simple reward for using Bing should help all win.

Microsoft Gives Uses Reasons To Search and Earn on Bing

Redeeming Rewards Easier

Getting rewards is nice, but redeeming them is nicer. Bing Rewards now has a status card that shows their rewards and how far they have to go. Redeeming Rewards is also much faster, and users can claim gift cards with just a simple email confirmation and the reward will be sent to them shortly.

The new Bing Rewards app is available to mobile browsers starting today, and to the Bing Rewards apps on Android and iOS this week. Microsoft is also encouraging users to give them feedback on the apps via Bing Listens, and on Twitter via the hashtag #searchandearn. Nice updates to Bing Rewards I Think.

I use Bing and like the service. Now with easier rewards, I will ceratinly use it more often.

Published: Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 Last Modified: June 24, 2015

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