Bing Results To Include AMBER Alerts and More Features

Bing is constantly being updated with features, and is becoming a more used search engine than Yahoo in recent search number polls. On Friday, Microsoft’s Bing issued updates that will show AMBER results along with local answers for local, which both should make users more alert and useful.

Bing is using its updates to get users using its Bing search engine more, and is giving users more than just the usual search results as well. By posting AMBER alerts, it will help save children who are lost, and help local businesses with local results at the same time.

Microsoft's Bing Updated With AMBERT Alerts On Site

AMBER Alerts On Bing

On Friday, Bing announced that they will be distributing AMBER alerts on the BING researches, which should help get the word out about lost children. The AMBER alert system, which has been around since 1996, is an alert system for lost children, and is distributed via radio, highway signs, SMS, mobile notifications, and websites in the US.

Bing is working with the NCMEC to help redistribute these AMBER alerts, but only after they have been issued by law enforcement. If you type “amber alert” they will show up, and only if you are in the area it has happened. Users can also type a specific area if looking for that, but is aimed for more local lost findings for children who are missing.

Microsoft's Bing Shows Local Listings With Yelp and Social Media Integration

Local Answers For Mobile Users

In addition to the AMBER alerts on Bing, Bing also announced a major update to their local findings. A lot of times, its hard to find information about a local bar or restaurant, and that is what Bing is trying to make easier. They have issued a number of local updates on Bing, and updated more on Friday.

Bing will allow users to type Bars in Los Angeles, and then find a local listing of local bars in the Los Angeles area. It will list key information about the area, and help make decisions easier. In addition, Bing will allow for Yelp results and social media information to be available within a few clicks as well.

Bing is doing a great job with alerts and updates. By helping to save children, Bing has stepped up and done a great thing.

Published: Monday, December 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: December 22, 2014

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