Bing Predicts The Future With 2015 Picks

Recently, Bing released their top searches for 2014, and as the year comes to an end, Microsoft and Bing are making sure 2015 comes up soon enough. On Wednesday, Microsoft and Bing released Bing’s predictions for 2015, and while they are predictions, they certainly show Bing’s future of predictions.

While predictions are done by a series of people, technologies, and experts, Bing does it a little differently. Bing takes analyzed social signals, social and cultural signals, and trends to predict the upcoming 2015. Whether or not they are right is unknown, but it certainly is interesting.

Bing From Microsoft Predicts 2015 Events In Latest Predictions

Fashion and Sports Predictions

Bing Predicts is the engine that Bing uses to predict different events, and it takes search trends and analytics to come up with these results. When predicting Fashion, Bing Predicts came up that turtlenecks and other 70’s fashions will make a comeback, along with belted scarves and utility jackets.

Sports though is where Bing is generally a pretty good indicator, and takes in the signals from various sports angles to come up with its predictions. Bing has picked that the Super Bowl in 2015 will be between the Green Bay Packers and the New england Patriots. This is based on records, social trends, and more.

Microsoft's Bing Proves Predictions Are Hard During 2015 List Released

Awards, Travel, and Food

Bing is able to take the Twitter trends, Facebook trends, and social signals to come up with more social predictions as well for 2015. In the Awards sector, Bing is predicting that Sam Smith will win Best New Artist in the Grammy’s, and Beyonce will win Album of the Year. In movies, the Golden Globes are predicted to go to Boyhood.

Finally, travel and food niches are things that people love to read about with predictions, and Bing has certainly done that lately. Bing predicts that travel will be all about finding hidden gems, and ones in their own small towns. For food, Bing is predicting a Mediterranean diet as the diet for 2015, and a rise of Mediterranean food.

Bing Predictions are fun to read. These of course are all for fun, and very fun to enjoy.

Published: Thursday, December 18th, 2014 Last Modified: December 18, 2014

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