Bing Predicts NFL Plus NHL On Xbox One Announced

For a more livelier take on Microsoft on Wednesday, Bing and the Xbox One are becoming closer to the sports world than they ever have been. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced Bing’s latest NFL update, plus announced that the newest NHL release is available to pre-order & pre-download.

The latest sports news from Microsoft may seem weird from a technology, but Microsoft has deep investments into the sporting leagues of the US. As games for these platforms are on the Xbox, Bing also is tightly integrated with sports scores and news for users across the country.

Microsoft's Bing Gets Prediction Update With NFL Season Looming

Bing Gets NFL

Previously, the Bing prediction engine was used to predict World Cup Scores, and did a decent job on it overall. Now, Microsoft has taken to update this search engine to predict pro football scores with the NFL season launching on Thursday. The models to predict scores in the NFL certainly isn’t foolproof but is very data driven.

In its blog post, Microsoft and Bing detailed how Bing will get this data. It will take wins, losses, margin of victories, playing surfaces, weather, temperature, and other factors into its decision. The Bing platform will also give match-up odds to Microsoft users on their phones and tablets too, using Cortana.

Microsoft Announces NHL 15 Available For Pre-Download And Pre-Order

NHL 15 Available For Pre-Order & Pre-Download

One of the biggest games for the Xbox One is NHL 15, and on Wednesday, Microsoft announced its availability. But not only did it to this, it announced that users can pre-order it starting today, and download the game. This is all part of the new game download system that Microsoft is giving Xbox One users.

Users who pre-download the game won’t be able to play the game until the actual release day, but will have it ready for them when the day occurs. This means that 20GB plus downloads won’t have to be done, and trips to the local game store will be avoided, plus no clumsy discs to muddle with either. Microsoft is making this a big push with big titles, and has had success with it so far.

Bing and the NFL score prediction engine is interesting. More interesting though, is the pre-download feature that gamers will enjoy with the new Xbox One.

Published: Thursday, September 4th, 2014 Last Modified: September 4, 2014

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