Bing Powered News App Arrives For iOS Devices

The Bing news service on, has been noted as a top news destination across the web, and Microsoft knows its strengths with it. On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled a new Bing powered news app for iOS, called News Pro.

News Pro is a brand new app from Microsoft, and exclusively available for iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. It’s a free app, and is meant to be your work news brief in your hands.

Microsoft Introduces News Pro App On iOS

Personalized News Service

There are a number of news related apps for iOS devices currently, but this is a unique one. It’s main goal is to help bring a personalized news service to users, and match their current interests.

It will use the Bing News service to bring news articles to users, and give them tech, sports, fashion, or any other type of article they are interested in, plus give them stories they weren’t expecting.

Microsoft Makes News Pro App Social Worthy In Gathering Stories For Users

Social Conscience and More

The News Pro app works with Linkedin and Facebook to help guide stories to the user. This helps curate the stories to the user, and gives them relevant stories that they want to read, versus stories they don’t want, or will skip.

It also includes a tab for topics and industries users want to follow, and gives them much more. It goes against Apple News apps preinstalled on the iOS devices, but does alot more, including a Speedy More option for quick story digests.

The News Pro app is available to download today. I’ve tried it out, and like it, and highly recommend it.

Published: Saturday, January 30th, 2016 Last Modified: January 30, 2016

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