Bing Page Gets Audio On Bing Homepage

The Bing home page is a thing of beauty, and has been applauded for the amazing images it has daily across its pages. But, as many would agree, images are one thing, but listening to a page could be even better. Microsoft and Bing listened to users, and now has audio available for the Bing Homepage.

The introduction of audio on the Bing homepage is new on Thursday, and is a joint effort between Bing and the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. The image on the Bing homepage features the glorious birds of the wildlife refuge, and the sounds of the birds across the water as well.

Microsoft Gives Bing Homepage Audio and Video

Evolution Of The Bing Homepage

The Bing homepage has been transforming ever since the introduction of it way back when. Microsoft took steps to bring HTML5 video to the Bing homepage in 2011, and set the world on fire when it did. The next year, Bing brought a panoramic homepage to the site, and this made the images come to life.

With the 2015 update of the audio experience, it brings waterfalls, animal calls, and sounds of the shore to the browser, and all without leaving the Bing homepage. The audio is turned off by default, but can be turned on with just the click of the audio button, and this is a must listen if you can.

Microsoft Makes Bing Homepage Shine With Images, Video and Audio

Bing Backstage Introduced

Along with the fully immersive pictures and audio, Bing is also giving users more of the Bing’s Backstage experience on its homepage. The Bing Backstage is where Bing talks a little more about the image, and talks about it in full detail. This is one of a kind to Bing, and is worth checking out.

Bing is using their Bing Listens to get feedback from users, and the introduction of audio to the Bing homepage is the latest form of feedback turning into something real. Microsoft states that they are listening to user feedback on a daily basis, and making Bing better. It is gaining marketshare against Google, so its working.

Bing and audio is a great thing. Listen to the birds if you can, and see how great Bing has become.

Published: Friday, June 26th, 2015 Last Modified: June 26, 2015

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