Bing News Now Gets Topics Via Facebook And Twitter

Users of the search engine Bing from Microsoft, will see brand new updates from it, that include trending topics from Facebook and Twitter. The updates were launched on Bing on Thursday, and will give Bing a few more additions for users to indulge versus their searches on Google.

Those who search Bing News will see a variety of brand new features starting Thursday. With its partnerships with Facebook and Twitter, Bing News is able to bring all of these services into Bing News and give users a full experience like no other on the web today.


Trends From Bing

At the top of the Bing News page now, users will find a trending topic area. In this are topics for users to choose. Here users will find trends from Facebook onto the right-hand side of the page in a column. If users go further down the page, they will see trending news from Twitter underneath the Facebook area of the page.

Facebook Trending News

What makes this important for Bing News is the conversations of Facebook and the ability to integrate the news into Bing News. Updates via Facebook come from a variety of different publishers, and are always updated in real-time. The investment by Microsoft in Facebook is clearly paying off with this integration.

Twitter Trends

With the Twitter trends, users can see the number of tweets that any particular news item has received. Obviously, ones with a higher number of tweets will become more popular than others, but users can get specific information regarding trends via this function.

What makes these two functions intriguing for Microsoft, is that Google has none of them. Microsoft has clearly gone after Google with these moves and to get users to use Bing News more than ever. Twitter and Facebook searches initially appeared on Google early on, but those relationships soured, and now Bing News is the sole receiver of this news. Users will be able to see the Twitter trends and Facebook news updates starting today, and is very interesting to read on a daily basis. Microsoft is making Bing more social, and making Bing News more social with these two new moves on Thursday.

Published: Saturday, September 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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