Bing News Experience On Mobile Devices Gets Major Update

Users who love Bing, love it because of its constant updates, and ways that Microsoft is listening to its users. On Friday, Bing updated the news experience for mobile users, giving them a better experience, and highlighting short clips, headlines, images, and new topics.

On mobile devices, getting peoples attentions on headlines, images, and short video clips is very important. News often times generates a lot of traffic for these devices, and Bing is now seeing this as well. The latest Bing experience is live for mobile devices now.

Microsoft Unveils New Mobile News Experience For Mobile Devices

Bing News At A Glance

Now, when Bing users visit the home page on their mobile device, they will see all the topics and news that are trending on the web. Users can get more in-depth coverage with the news with a single click and see the results. This new overall rich experience is a big update for mobile.

By clicking on images, users can see an interactive gallery, see stories of the news articles, and a ton more information about the news topic. Additionally, the expanded view will also show news opinions, which are a news snippet of an editorial on the topic, all a huge plus.

Microsoft Updates News Experience On Mobile With Video Viewing Updates

Watching News Clips Fron Results Page

The other major news update for the Bing experience on mobile, is the new addition to watch relevant news clips from a top source. Bing realizes that video is addictive on the web, and is giving users an easier way to see that on their mobile device, and to load it quicker too.

Now, when a top result is selected from the Bing results page, users can view the video right away. This includes videos from CBS News, CNN, and other sources. It won’t require additional clicks and moving away from the Bing results page, and should make video viewing on the Bing page easier.

News on Bing got a big update. The news experiences are live and you can check them out today.

Published: Monday, June 22nd, 2015 Last Modified: June 22, 2015

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