Bing Mobile Pages Get Major Overhaul For Users

Millions of people visit the mobile pages, and Microsoft has been looking for ways to upgrade the pages to increase productivity among users. On Monday, Bing went into a lot of details about the updates, and talked about the user interface tweaks made for Bing visitors.

Bing updated the mobile pages for all kinds of mobile users, and this will make it easily accessible and viewable to users around the world. The redesign is a huge overtaking for the Bing designers, and should make mobile users happy. All of this means more mobile users to Bing for the future.

Microsoft Updates Bing Mobile Pages

User Interface Design and Image Of The Day

The first thing that was done for the Bing mobile page, were user interface redesign tweaks. They took A/B experiments, and showed that users actually prefer a swipe-up card layout to the page. Additionally, users also like a translucent color scheme and cards that only reach to a 50 pixel card height.

One thing that users love about Bing, are the images on its homepages. Now, today’s homepage image is present on the Bing mobile home page, and now is featured in the Image of the Day card. A brand new UX has been shipped as well, making sure that users view the images daily. It’s a beautiful type of card for users to see.

Microsoft Gives Mobile Bing Users A New Popular Now Mobile Card

Popular Now, Bing Rewards, and Settings

Bing found that mobile users take a lot of news into their mobile phones, and created and updated the popular now card. This card is bringing the desktop news carousel to the mobile phone, and bringing to trending stories to users. It will also be more relevant to users desires as it adapts later in the year.

Additionally, Bing has brought other new cards to the mobile experience. A new Bing Rewards card will give users their Bing Rewards, and the ability to view their status. Also, a new settings card has been introduced, giving them ways to adjust safe search settings. Lastly, the footer card includes a send feedback link.

Bing’s mobile page got a lot of new improvements. It’s sizzling hot and worth checking out today on your mobile phone.

Published: Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 Last Modified: April 14, 2015

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