Bing Maps Gets Major Overhaul For Windows 8.1

On Thursday, Microsoft’s search engine Bing released a brand new Bing Maps experience to users around the globe. The new Bing Maps experience is made for the Windos 8.1 operating system, and harnesses the mapping power of Bing with the vast amounts of map data within.

The huge update to the Bing Maps system will be great for people who use Bing Maps on a frequent basis. It has a ton of new imagery along with huge updates to the way users can operate with the mapping service from Microsoft. The update is available today for Bing Maps users.

Bing Maps Gets Major Update For Windows 8.1

What’s New With Bing Maps

The first thing that people will notice with the Bing Maps update is the Bing Maps Preview. The preview will allow users to swoop in, feel like they are actually at the destination, and allow people to have fun. It was built for Windows 8.1, and works on touch and desktop devices. It also has SnapView, Windows notifications, and live tiles.

The other thing that people will see is a tremendous update to the maps. Bing has assembled world builders along with high definition aerial camera to crunch petabytes of data into these new maps. They are able to render new images, and push vast amounts of pixels into these maps. New 3D experiences are available in certain destinations too.

New Maps, Images And Visuals In Bing Maps Update

Other Bing Maps Updates

Users can now take advantage of new geometry points within the Bing Maps app and feel like they are in the map. People can fly-out, rotate, and tilt the maps like never before. Streetside modes have also been added, and added a bubble view that gives great perspectives on the destinations while helping people navigate through their maps.

Some other updates to the Bing Maps service include in-app searching which adds a search box. Users can now search for restaurants, hotels, and anything else just by typing within the new box. The last thing added to Bing Maps is the local scout and personal picks. Both of these are more personal picks and personal recommendations, plugging in Facebook and other social services into the service.

I use Bing Maps a lot and love the updates. I can spend hours in maps, and now might spend more time there.

Published: Friday, December 6th, 2013 Last Modified: December 6, 2013

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