Bing Maps Gets 315 Terabytes Of New Maps

On its Bing Blogs, Microsoft announced on Friday, that they have updated a ton of new data and maps to Bing Maps. The addition of 315.92 terabytes of new aerial imagery is aimed to go up against Google Maps, and should give users around the world updated images and maps to use.

The refreshed maps and imagery is aimed to give users more detailed maps and images on Bing Maps. The data is available on Bing Maps currently, and on the Bing Maps Blog, they displayed a number of current examples that blow away most Google Maps content available and is awesome.


13 Million Sq Km Added

One of the first highlights of the addition, was the 13 million sq km or 315.92 terabytes of new aerial imagery. This imagery is available from all over the world, and is available to view 24/7 on Bing Maps. These high-resolution nadir or straight down images, were taken by aircraft or satellites commissioned by Bing.

World Examples Listed

On the Bing Maps Blog, they listed a number of examples with high-resolution images for viewing. Examples from Iceland, Maritimes Alps France, Rio De Janeiro Brazil, and Hugh Town Scilly Ilses, Endland were listed initially as points of reference for the updates. These along with other updates will give schools and students great images to view.

Other Bing City Updates

Bing and Microsoft also notes that other cities along with the ones listed above were also updated. Cities from Quebrada Zahiza Chile, Yukon Delta Refuge Alaska, Coastline Fiji West, West of Suzhou China, and Harbour Island Cape Town were also added to Bing Maps via the updates. The combination of updates from all over the globe will give all users the abilities to zoom in, enjoy, and take in the images of Bing Maps.

Microsoft and Bing have improved Bing Maps a ton, and with these updates has made it a premier destination for maps. These latest 315 terabytes of data only proves the point, and will encourage users, students, and teachers to continue to use it. Also, with traffic updates and more, Bing Maps is a top maps site for all to truly enjoy.

Published: Saturday, September 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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