Bing Maps Get 3D Imagery In Updates

Bing Maps is one of Bing’s strongest features, and as it competes against Google, it needs more ammo to go against it on a day to day basis. On Friday, Microsoft and Bing announced the latest Bing Maps updates, which bring over 100 cities to have street-side imagery and 3D cities.

The visual interpretation of these Bing Maps are simply stunning, and they must be seen to be believed. It takes a usual plain map, and jazzes it up to give it incredible visuals and now 3D images, which makes a usual city into an amazing visit. These updates are now available for viewing.

Microsoft Updates Bing Maps Images And 3D Cities

New Streetside Cities & 3D Cities

Now, users can use the Bing Maps and Bing Maps Preview app on Windows 8.1 to view these incredibly beautiful maps of cities. Streetside now includes over 100 cities, and users are able to view these cities in incredible detail. From San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and more, Bing listed them all in its blog post.

Bing also noted in its post, that over 125 different cities are now available in 3D viewing. The Bing Maps Preview app is available to download on Windows 8.1, and its an exclusive to that platform. Users can view the Las Vegas Strip, The St Louis Arch, The Magic Kingdom, and more in full 3D viewing.

Microsoft's High Resolution Imagery Gets Update Via Image Updates

New High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Along with the new streetside cities and 3D cities, Bing also updated the imagery of its images on the maps in Bing. With over five million square kilometers mapped, Bing has over 150 countries in its database. Now, high-resolution views of these cities are available for viewing, and the details are simply amazing.

In its map update, Microsoft updated the streetside cities to cover some of the largest cities in the US. There are a number of streetside cities listed and a number of 3D cities listed on the Bing Blog to see if your favorite city has gotten an update. The live updates are available now, and need to be seen to be truly believed. If you enjoy Bing Maps, then a trip to Bing Maps is worth the effort.

These Bing Maps are very nice. They are nicer than Street View on Google and live to try now.

Published: Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: August 23, 2014

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