Bing Maps Brings Traffic Worldwide

No matter where in the world you are located, traffic is always one of the top concerns. Mobile technology has made traffic congestions a little easier to get around, but predicting where traffic is not is a project. Bing has done this in the US, and on Wednesday announced its rollout worldwide.

Bing Maps has in the US taken millions of data points with traffic conditions, and come up with ideas on where traffic is not for users. This kind of technology makes it easier to get around, and avoid congestions. But, with it going worldwide, Bing Maps can be used more as traffic is a worldwide phenomenon.

Microsoft's Bing Rolls Out Worldwide Traffic Mapping Updates

Clearflow Technology

Bing uses a technology and functionality called Clearflow to get users on less congested routes. The goal of Clearflow is to optimize routes based on current conditions for drivers, and to get them steered away from major traffic headaches in the area. This is making it easier on US drivers, and will make it easier on more soon.

The Clearflow technology on the Bing Maps shows users a way to “view route based on traffic” link on the page, and it will adjust directions to consider alternative routes. This will for example find a different route than the traditional route, especially if there is a major backup or accident ahead and can help guide the driver around it.

Microsoft's Bing Maps Make Traffic Less Of A Obstacle With New Updates

Less Traffic Worldwide

In its blog post, Microsoft and Bing are bringing this to the worldwide audience, only after it has been exhaustively tested in the United States. It has been able to take a ton of data into it and come up with very interesting and helpful routes for the driver. It was highlighted in the New York Times as well.

This type of technology shows why Bing Maps and its traffic data can be miles ahead of current maps from Google and others. Live traffic and the predictions on how to avoid traffic will make every user want to use it, and should prove positive. As it is rolled out to the masses around the planet, Bing Maps should get a lot busier soon.

I’ve used this mapping technology on Bing Maps. It works, and its saved me a ton of time while driving.

Published: Thursday, November 27th, 2014 Last Modified: November 27, 2014

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