Bing Makes Lyric Finding Faster

Bing has been updating its technology on an almost monthlt basis, and with it, is making sure that its users get the end benefit of its updates. On Friday, Microsoft’s Bing updated its lyric finding features, making Bing easier to find songs on.

Lyric searching is one of the biggest sub categories of the Internet scene, and with that, most people want to find the song they want quickly. Now, with Bing updating its lyric finding features, Bing makes sure that users get the quick technology that makes song finding a ton more fun.

Microsoft Updates Bing With Lyric Search Updates

A New Lyric Experience

With the newest set of Bing Lyric updates, the new lyrics experience enable users to view full lyrics for a favorite song. This means that the full song can be found on the Bing pages without having to leave the Bing experience. This makes sure that users stay on the Bing pages as well, and don’t get thrown off with bad links, pages, and irrelevant pages that don’t help users.

This type of Lyric search update will help Bing as its goes against Yahoo and Google, since they link users to outside pages for lyrics, and not on the same page. Bing, can keep users on its pages by giving them this information, and giving them what they need when they search for the lyrics they desire.

Microsoft Shows Off Lyric Updates In Searches On Bing

Half A Million Songs To Start

In its blog post, Bing’s engineers stated that they are starting with a half a million songs to begin with, and they will be growing that list immensely in the coming weeks. There are millions of songs online that contain lyrics, and the sheer amount of lyrics to be found on the Internet and elsewhere can keep a user entertained for a long time.

Bing is constantly updating the Bing experience for users, and this latest update is the highlight of their work. They listen to what users want, and update Bing accordingly with their wishes. It may be a slow experience for those looking for obscure songs, but it makes sure that users get a Bing experience thats worth it.

I enjoy music lyrics and this Bing update is hot. Now, those Elvis lyrics won’t be hiding anymore.

Published: Monday, October 6th, 2014 Last Modified: October 6, 2014

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