Bing Launches With New Music Video Tools

Bing constantly is in a state of making itself better, and showing users that it is more than just a search engine. On Wednesday, Bing showed off its latest updates, and they revolve around music video discovery. The new updates are live, and will make finding music videos easier on Bing.

The latest updates made to Bing, show off its adaptability to change, and its willingness to give users new content. Finding your favorite music video has never been this easy, and it makes the Google and Yahoo searches for music videos something in the past, and now with Bing.

Bing Overhauls Music Video Searches With Updates Made

How Bing Music Videos Work

With the latest changes made to Bing’s searches for music videos, Bing changed the ways that music videos are shown on the page. Now, when a user searches for a band like Daft Punk for example, it showcases their top songs at the top of the page in a brand new way. This will allow users to see the bands full range of songs.

Additionally, Bing will let users start exploring that bands songs, all without leaving the page. This ensures that users stay on the page, and never have to leave the bands page. By clicking the video in the upper left, the video starts playing and music videos can be viewed in the music video playing carousel.

Users Can Enjoy Music Videos Easier On Bing Now

Other Music Video Changes

Along with these noted changes, Bing also allows users to search the music video carousel by album, and this doesn’t require a refreshing of the page. This should please users, as it adapts to the users request automatically. Users can then click on the album, click the image, and narrow down their search.

Bing has over 1.7 million songs and 70,000 artists in its catalogs, and is looking to expand. It goes up against Vevo and YouTube in this space, but can get a lot of people using it in a quick hurry. Videos can be previewed in a snippet, and related artists viewed as well, and all on one page. This is a great update by Microsoft and Bing, and is live now.

Music videos always get people watching, and now they can do it better on Bing. These changes are highly visible and look great.

Published: Thursday, June 5th, 2014 Last Modified: June 5, 2014

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