Bing Launches New Bing Elections

The election season in any country is a time of year that always has a ton of data and web content, and orgaanizing all the content in one place is always a tough thing. On Monday, Microsoft announced a brand new Bing Elections portal, that aims to be a comprehensive election information hub for all.

Whether its a local candidate, a national race, a new governor, or a statewide proposition, elections always bring out the best and worst of people and politics. The US with its big election in November has political sites everywhere, and Bing Elections is aiminig to be the hub of all election news on the web.

Microsoft's Bing Launches Bing Elections With Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps

One of the first things that researchers when they put together election sites realize, is that people love interactive maps. It allows them to visalize the data and see the data and results in real-time. Now, the new interactive maps at Bing Elections will allow this to take place at any time.

The new interactive maps will show maps of the US, and allow visitors to see who will win the Senate, House, and governor races across the US. Predicted odds of winning, candidate matchups, and local races will also be shown. Lastly, the maps will show real-time exit polls as people leave the ballot boxes, and will be a visual treat.

Microsoft's My Ballot Feature Gets Locals Into Voting

My Ballot

The other main component of the site, is the my ballot feature. This will allow users to visualize their local ballot in their area, and see the local voting station in the area. This also allows voters to see local races, get into their local propositions closely, and focus in on predictions for their local area.

By putting together a local and focused election area, it can get people interested in local races to use the site, and keep those intereated in more than just the national races. This type of localization is great for elections, and will encourage those who are thinking about voting, to spread the word and show their voting rights at the polls. This type of election site can only succeed from Microsoft, and its glad to see one like this exist.

Bing Elections came just at the right time. It will be huge, and probably be a winner at election time.

Published: Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 Last Modified: October 14, 2014

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