Bing Knowledge Arrives To Webmaster Tools

Webmasters and web creators who use different tools to monitor their sites, have several different tools at their disposal. On Friday, Microsoft announced a new set of Bing Knowledge tools that arrived in the Webmaster Tools section, which will make them more efficient.

The Webmaster Tools section of Bing is more of a technical area of the site, but for the millions of people who own or monitor a website, it is a very useful section of Bing. The latest changes will allow rich entity information to be found about their sites in a simple way.

Microsoft Shows Off Bing Interactive Markup Tools For Webmasters

New Entity Information

Webmasters in the past had three different ways to help tell Bing to visualize entities found on the websites. Those included as entity links, as entity images, or lastly as both entity images and links. But, Microsoft and Bing have now rolled out a interactive only way which should clear up this matter a little more.

The interactive method allows website owns to only show when a user selects text on the page by highlighting it. This is a brand new way of interacting with websites from a webmaster way, but Bing sees this as a more efficient way. It will show when users highlight a section, and then click the Bing logo for instance.

Microsoft's Bing Webmaster Tools Continue To Grow For Creators

Additional Content Control

Along with the interactive controls, Bing also rolled out new ways for webmasters and creators who use CSS to create a text block inside webmaster tools. It can be defined on several levels, and Bing will stop marking up the text in that text block on the next refresh cycle.

This problem with marked up text on a page has happened with celebrities, songs, athletes, and content that is sourced from multiple methods. Touching up web pages in the future won’t have to be done if webmasters use these new tools. It’s all part of the new ways that Bing wants to help webmasters and creators use Bing tools for their sites, and to build a better web. They will roll out slowly of course, and that always leaves time for more changes to come.

These are ways that Bing wants to help the web. Content is key, and making that content ready for Bing is the next step.

Published: Monday, June 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: June 23, 2014

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