Bing Joins Fox News For State Of The Union Collaboration

Bing is a quickly evolving search engine and must have tool for many, and on Tuesday, Microsoft’s Bing joined up with the Fox News Channel to bring real-time polling to the State Of The Union. The annual address by President Obama is a huge online hit, and Bing was there.

By joining up with the Fox News Channel, Bing is able to enable viewers to track and share their opinions throughout the presidential address. Viewers are able to use their smart phones and tablets to track their polling, and this marks the first time this has been done.

Bing Joins Fox News Channel In State Of The Union Social Presentation

Highlights Of Polling Options

With the joint effort, viewers and users of Bing will be able to provide feedback, look at the Bing Pulse online, see Fox News Channel updates on the speech, and see an intensity score that highlights moments of the speech. Graphing features have also been introduced into the project along with poll questions.

This truly interactive experience during the State of The Union was initially rolled out in 2013, but the new tools and extras are only available starting with the 2014 presidential address. The 59 minute speech will be viewed by many, and millions are expected to track it online and record their results online.

State Of The Union Brings Bing To The Front Of Social Politics

Bing Becoming Social HQ

This joint effort with the Fox News Channel is the latest effort by Microsoft to show how truly social the Bing product is. Users enjoy the 100% social features that is has, and how Microsoft isn’t afraid to explore new possibilities with the product. By incorporating live tweets, social graphs, and now this Fox News Channel collaboration, users get more than just a search engine.

Bing is quickly becoming a destination for many, and I applaud Microsoft for this bold move. The Fox News Channel attracts millions of viewers, and now a large portion of them will use Bing to track the State of the Union live and record their views. Whether or not you are for or against the speech, it shows how technology is evolving quickly, even with politics.

I enjoy these big moves by Microsoft and salute them for it. I use Bing more than Google now, and will continue as Microsoft evolves Bing like this.

Published: Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 Last Modified: January 29, 2014

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