Bing It On: Microsoft Compares Its Search Engine To Google

Bing Vs Google_thumbMicrosoft launched a comparison survey between its Bing search engine and Google’s … Google. Microsoft says Bing comes out on top double the amount of time. We’re not sure if that’s true in real world use, but we have to take Microsoft’s word.

Yeah, Skype for Windows Phone 8 is arriving

I don’t think it’s abnormal to say you use Google as the default search engine, and so do most of the people in the world. Launching a new search engine is always going to be difficult, therefore, but Microsoft think it’s doing better than Google, and is making sure you know. The company launched a Bing It On program where people can complete a survey and therefore share thoughts on the browser.

You may go through the test and find Google is a better search engine; however, Microsoft anticipates the response says users picked Bing search comparison results 2 to 1 against Google in blind comparison tests. That’s a definite scalp over Google, though the fact is when consumers are comfortable with a product there’s really little different to switch. A casual tech users will ask what search engine it should use, and Google will be the answer. Or they will load up Google Chrome and, surprise, Google’s search engine is front and center.

Building A Better Search Engine Than Google

Microsoft’s corporate vice president and chief marketing officer Mike Nichols said in a blog post that Bing consistently trumps Google in search quality. Quality is a vague term, though I’d hazard a guess and say Microsoft is referring to the search results. I don’t necessarily think the browsing experience is better, in terms of design, because Google has a giant search box and then basically just your search results. Bing uses social network integration I don’t care about, though I understand if you do.

Nichols called out users sticking with Google in the comfort zone and not trying Bing. He described the results as a wake-up call for Google and users, saying search results are the number one decision-maker for a search engine. Microsoft and Bring offer quality search results to rival Google, and the mission of Bing It On is to break the Google habit.

If you want to try out Bing It On, head to

Published: Friday, September 7th, 2012 Last Modified: September 7, 2012

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