Bing Improving Image Search Quality Results

In a fairly detailed blog post on the site, the Search Quality Insights Blow went into exhaustive details on how Bing is improving their image search quality results. These results are aimed to help Bing compete against Google and help the Bing user experience.

Various different details were mentioned in the post, but all point to better results. 10% of the searches are for images, and 40% of the search results include some type of visual component in that search. Since 2009, the number of images searches as grown by 520 percent according to Bing.


Entity Understanding and Big Data

Two of the biggest improvements from Bing, is to help the image search represent who the person is and what they are. It focuses on the intent of the search and getting those to the user. By using customer feedback and click data, they can also gear the correct image search results to users. A comparison to Google results was listed as well on the post.

Computer Vision Technologies and Broader Themes

Bing mentioned that Bing databases generate images based on the search, and utilizes technologies to compare the images internally for the results. Tallest peaks of mountains and others were mentioned as examples of this. The intent of the search and the interest of the search to gain the broader theme of the image search is also geared to help generate better image searches too.

Copy Cats and View At A Glance

The last major image update features include realizing where duplicates of images can harm searches and eliminating duplicates. Also, a multiple image viewing ability to see multiple images at a time makes image searches on Bing more usable and pleasing according to Bing.

Bing mentioned that the quality of the image was also the last update made to the image search results. By adjusting images to PC’s and tablets, Bing can get the best possible high quality image to the user, and give them the optimal viewing experience. By giving users with higher definition DPI, they can make photos appear more lifelike, and give users the best possible images from Bing. Over 40% of searches are visual, and these updates will help Bing a ton in the future.

Published: Thursday, August 29th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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